museum of east coast surfing Museum of East Coast Surfing
New Smyrna Beach, Florida



Director's Message

We would like you to join our endeavor of establishing a facility for the Museum of East Coast Surfing in New Smyrna Beach. Together we hope to preserve the history of the surfing phenomenon on the East Coast of the Atlantic, as well as educate the public to it's environmental impact and importance to the coastal ecology. Please consider that your generous donation will help us ensure our goal of enshrining surfing's past, present, and future for all to enjoy. New Members will receive a FREE T-Shirt with their paid membership. (Be sure to email us with your prefered T-Shirt size) Members that are renewing their membership will not receive a T-Shirt but will be entered into a products giveaway for a package of our BBQ sauces and spices, honey and film. Please use our PayPal Button below.


$25 contribution: One-Year Bronze Level Museum Membership, which includes a Museum T-Shirt (S,M,L,XL) and Membership Card, unlimited free entry to the Museum during normal hours, and a complimentary subscription to the Museum Newsletter.

$100 contribution: Two-Year Silver-Level Museum Membership, which includes all of the Bronze-Level privileges plus invitations to exhibit openings and other special events, discount pricing for special events, 10% discount at the (Brick & Mortar) Museum Store, and acknowledgement as a Silver-Level Member in each addition of the Newsletter for two years.

$150 contribution: One-Year Busines- Level Museum Membership, designed for the small businesses. This level includes website logo, quarterly Newsletter business size ad, 10% discount at our (Brick & Mortar) Museum Store and up to a 8x10 inch business ad in the museum for one year.

$500 contribution: Five-Year Gold-Level Museum Membership, which includes all of the Silver-Level privileges plus prominent display of one business ad in the musem, up to 8x10 inch size, to be provided by the contributor, and acknowledgement as a Gold-Level Member in each addition of the Newsletter for five years.

$1000 contribution: Lifetime Platinum-Level Museum Membership, which includes all of the gold-Level Membership privileges plus the contributor's name or business name engraved on a miniature wooden surfboard on prominent and permanent display in the Museum, after hours use of the Museum for one private party or event per year, and permanent acknowledgement as a Platinum-Level Member in each edition of the Newsletter.